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Bebeth, nascida Elisabeth Rodrigues Faber, em Niterói, 2º.filha de Carlos Faber Jr., engenheiro, filho de pais alemães e de Raquel Sylvia Rodrigues Faber, professora, descendente dos Barões de Taquari, tendo como irmãs Margarida e Anna Maria, foi educada na cidade imperial de Petrópolis da qual se transferiu para estudar arquitetura no Rio de Janeiro, profissão que abraçou ao longo de 25 anos, trocando-a pela pintura em 1996 conduzida por Lucien Finkelstein na exposição “ Os Futuros Grandes da Arte Naif”.


Banda de Ipanema- 1999

Elizabeth Faber has chosen the name Bebeth for her artistic career, the affectionate nickname bestowed upon her by her grandmother. An architect specialized in urbanism, she began to paint in 1988. She chooses popular and poetic themes, like the circus, musical groups, and rural landscapes.

In 1996 Bebeth launched her first individual exhibition at the International Museum of the Naïf Art, inaugurating the museum's theme of future greats of naïf art. Imagination, pure colors, romanticism - these elements transform each of her works into a diversion for the eyes and the soul.

The straight lines, planned angles, perspective, and rushed design of an architect's life have not caused her to suffer as a naïf painter, although the genre's essence depends upon the exact opposite. Her naïf yearnings remained well guarded deep within her being. Only in 1993 did Bebeth decide to forsake the life of Elizabeth the architect in favor of the painter's passion. Her art explodes with kinetic vigor, tracing memories of childhood and innate emotions. Each brush stroke acts as a kind of rebirth of Bebeth's soul.

The bucolic lyricism of her art impacts every theme. Greens, pinks, yellows, and reds exude the freshness of a child's world, evident in the joy of her compositions. The energy translates an imagination filled with tenderness and universal poetry.

Bebeth has participated in numerous important exhibitions throughout Brazil.


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