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Pilar Sala

Pilar Sala was born and lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

She is graduated in Political Science, although she soon started to dedicate her life to painting.

Her artwork is a result of a careful observation of the surrounding reality, whether be landscapes or special moments of her private life; her house, the garden where her children play, a portrait of herself painting… The different chromatic shades which she uses, where rose and red are predominant, are conjugated with harmony originating paintings of great beauty and fine outlines. Pilar Sala is also a great promoter of Argentinean Naïf Art worldwide.

She has participated in the main collective exhibitions in several Argentinean cities since 1986. Between 1986 and 2009, she has shown her work in about 20 individual exhibitions in the most renowned artistic galleries of her country and Brazil.In 2002 she received a “Mención de Honor do Ateneo Esteban Echeverría”, San Fernando and won the “Gran Premio H. Rosseau – La obra más original” at the “IX Salón Internacional de Arte Naïf”. In 2003 she got the 1st Honourable Mention at the “3° Salón de Pintura Naïf do Centro de Arte Nuevo Abasto XXI”, and in 2004, she was awarded the 3rd Prize at the “II Salón Nacional de Arte Naïf Ateneo Esteban Echeverría”.

She created several serigraphies which were particularly popular in Argentina and abroad, Christmas cards, business calendars, Italian wine labels, puzzles and illustrated books for children.

Pilar Sala artworks are held in private collections in Spain, Canada, United States, Brazil, France, Italy and, more recently, Portugal, through Allarts Gallery.

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